Jun 282016

Library Construction Update as of 5/23/17 by Library Trustee and Construction Liaison Oliver Egleston

Now that the exterior of the Library has been newly painted, several people have been surprised to learn that the warm gray clapboards and cream trim are the original colors.  The exterior colors as well as those inside were found through analysis by Sara Chase, an historic preservation consultant (see more information below).  The painting inside and out is now almost finished.

Also on the outside, shrubs have been planted on the hill and around the building.  Seeding and sod will soon follow.   Volunteers will plant annuals and additional material in beds prepared by the contractor.  The irrigation system has been replaced and extended to serve new plantings.  The terrace and deck are complete except for minor items.  This week, the Town is installing drains in the Town-owned parking lot and is getting ready to repave it.  We are grateful to the Town for undertaking this improvement and for other support.

On the interior, doors have been hung, and casings for doors and windows are going in.  New wood floors in the Addition and part of the ’72 wing have been installed.  Both the new and existing wood floors have been sanded and given all but the last finish coat.  Installation of casework has started.  The coiling wall between the Reading Room and the Community Room has been repaired.  Most of the mechanical, plumbing, fire protection and electrical work is done.

We expect to have the movers bring back the books and furniture on June 14th.  The Library will soon be open!

Also, the following is from Building Committee member Charles McCaffrey:

The renovation and restoration of the Library is nearing completion. The Library will reopen in June. The “new” paint colors are now appearing. The paint is new but the colors are old. The colors are the same as those that the Library was painted when it opened in 1896. At the beginning of the design process the Library hired a well known historic preservation consultant, Sara Chase. Sara Chase undertook a paint analysis of all the exterior and interior surfaces of the original 1896 Library. She collected paint samples from the exterior clapboards, trim, and windows, as well as the interior walls and ceilings. With microscopic analysis, and following standard historic preservation procedures, she determined all the original colors and matched these to modern paint colors. This work and the Library’s decision to restore the original colors played an important part in our ability to receive $239,870 in historic preservation funds from the Falmouth Community Preservation Fund.