Jun 282016

Construction Update as of 1/29/17, by Library Trustee and Construction Liaison Oliver Egleston

In my last update, I noted that the roof framing and sheathing made it possible to see the massing of the Addition. Since then, progress makes it now possible to see the outlines of interior spaces. With the roof sheathing on and covered with ice and water shield, the interior was out of the weather by the beginning of this past week. So carpenters turned their attention to framing the interior partitions and ceilings in both the Addition and the 1972 section. Because it rained last week, additional carpenters from other projects were available to work inside our project, and there were a total of 15 on the job on Tuesday.

Also last week, the masons started the concrete block walls for the elevator shaft and by the end of the next day, the shaft was up to the roof. So it is now possible to see the outlines of the new lobby on the main level as well as that of the Quiet Reading Room and the other interior spaces on both levels.

This week, we expect to see the roof shingled, the skylight installed and the trim at the eves in place. A window was installed as a mock up and the rest will go in next week. Exterior siding and trim is also scheduled to start next week. When the Addition is weather tight next week, mechanical and electrical roughing work will get underway.