Nov 222012

diamond-clip-art-3Join us Saturday, March 29 for a Murder Mystery Evening full of intrigue and entertainment. Tickets are $15 and doors open at 6:30 pm. Reservations are required and tickets need to be picked up prior to the event as information about the evening will be included.

It is Winter 1962, and the 154-Carat Fate Diamond is on loan to The Gugglienhummer Museum of Manhattan. In addition to sparkle, the giant jewel also possesses a death curse, and museum party that is meant to celebrate its arrival ends in tragedy. There are nine main characters in this ever-thickening plot, four female suspects, four male suspects and the role of the detective, which can be played by a man or woman. Other attendees are guests who will try to solve the mystery.

Female suspects include sultry socialite Hope Dimonde; sassy and sophisticated Pinkie Panther; rich and ravishing Countess Cat Berglar; and majestic movie star Doris Dailey.

The men include dashing and debonair Secret Agent James Bored; Vegas performer and museum board member Frank Singalotta; astronaut and American hero Blaze A’Glaury; and magnificent magician The Great Harvey Houdunit.

If you would like to be a character you must sign up by Saturday, March 22 in order to prepare your role. A list with detailed character descriptions is available in the Library.