Dec 052012

downloadElizabeth Caputi, principal consultant with College Compass, a consulting company based in Brunswick, ME, will present a free talk on the college search Thursday, January 16 at 7pm.This session will be geared to high school sophomores and juniors and their families but anyone with an interest in the college process is encouraged to attend. Caputi will offer advice and insights to students and families who are eager to begin the college hunt.

Sifting through information on the thousands of college universities available both in the US and abroad is a daunting task. Caputi will suggest resources for starting the college search and discuss how to find the “best fit” schools. She will provide an overview of testing strategies and options along with a timetable for taking the various required tests. Caputi will share tips on “shameless (but effective) self-promotion,” touching on artistic, musical and athletic talent. Lastly, Caputi will discuss the financial aid process, the resources available to families and what sort of grants to anticipate from various types of colleges.