Jan 152011

John Langford will present an educational talk “Is there a drone in your future?” at the Library on Thursday, Aug. 13 at 7 PM. Due to limited seating, please call the library at 508-548-4709 to reserve your seat. Donations will be accepted at the door to support library programs.

Hardly a day goes by without media reports about drones. Drones might be supporting a raid in the Middle East, attacking a terrorist leader, colliding with something, or pulling down a new venture capital award. A number of them fly around West Falmouth already!

Whether you are anxious about privacy or eager to start receiving your packages as quickly as your pizza, this lecture will help you better understand the most dramatic revolution in aviation since the invention of the jet airplane.

Long-time West Falmouth summer resident John Langford is the founder and CEO of Aurora Flight Sciences, a Virginia-based company that has been in the drone business for more than 25 years.