Jan 272013

WHODUNIT - CopyJoin us for refreshments while solving a most mysterious murder, Saturday, March 23 from 7:30 – 9 pm.

The Setting: a 60th birthday party at a mansion in 1930.

The Victim: a colorful, outspoken woman , once a successful novelist and now a wealthy widow. Over the years she has alienated friends and family. Everyone at the party has a good reason for wanting her dead, but who would actually go through with it?

A minimum of 10 “guests” is required to take on character roles, and the cast includes other characters of intrigue. These roles need to be filled by March 16 in order to finalize planning and make sure the mystery will be successful. All the necessary information to carry out roles will be provided. Costumes can be created based on the assigned character if so desired. Participating in the mystery is not required for attendance; all are welcome to come and enjoy the fun but attendees must register by March 20.

Please visit the Library and view the Murder Mystery display or contact the Library for more information and to register.