Apr 022015

Murder Mystery 1The West Falmouth Library staged an evening of intrigue and entertainment with its murder mystery dinner theater, “Death Mountain,” on Saturday, March 28. A very special thank you to the actors who gave their time and talent and brought their characters to life and gave the play a flair: Robert Fulton, Lisa Rudy, Anita Thacker, Matthew Gould, Davien Gould, Rob Bowerman, David Mularski, Peter Cook, and Lyn Fulton. Committee Chair, Meegan Hatch said, “We are fortunate to live in a community that is brimming with such creative and giving people.”

Thank you to Susan Royer for seeking donations for the event, to Sarah Cook for assisting with the sound effects and to Kristin Mularski for attending to the refreshments.

The Library is grateful to these businesses who made donations that contributed to the success of this fundraising event: Eat Your Heart Out Catering, Falmouth Wine and Spirits, Jack in the Beanstalk, Roche Brothers, Stop and Shop, and Windfall Market.

We also thank all who attended in support of the Library and were such a great audience.Murder Mystery 1