Free Digital Downloads


What are digital downloads and what do they offer WFL patrons? Libraries are now more than just brick and mortar buildings. They’ve gone digital. Using your CLAMS card, wherever you are, FREE library titles can be downloaded to your computer or electronic devices even when we are closed. Explore the possibilities using the Digital Downloads home page. Follow the Help! pages from OverDrive, the company that provides libraries with our digital content. Enjoy!


Free downloadable audiobooks, eBooks, music, and video titles are available to West Falmouth Library patrons using your CLAMS card. We hope that you will try the various ways that you may download chapters, songs, videos, etc. to your home computer and other electronic devices. Click on the OverDrive icon to the left to visit CLAMS’s Digital Downloads home page. Don’t forget to tell your friends and family about this new way to use your library card.

Help resources are available from OverDrive to assist you with downloading material to your iPad, Kindle, Nook, personal computer,etc. Check back to the OverDrive Help pages often as Overdrive is working to simplify the download process for patrons. Remember, you are always welcome to bring your questions to our Circulation Desk.


If you can’t make it into the library for help, an extremely useful resource from OverdDrive is their videos that offer step-by-step downloading instructions for your particular electronic device or operating system such as iOs, Android, Nook, etc. Give them a try.


AMA eBook Projectnother source for digital downloads is the Commonwealth eBooks Collections. Here you will find 3 digital sources. Axis 360 provides a selection of popular fiction and non-fiction titles; Biblioboard features primary sources, historical documents, images, and video for downloading or viewing on your browser; EBL provides items to help with academic research and personal interests, from cooking to gardening.