Technology and Equipment


Public Access Computers

Public access computer at West Falmouth Library

We offer free use of our public computers. A library card isn’t needed, but we ask that you sign in on the clipboard. Please be mindful of the 15 minute time limit if others are waiting and save anything needed to an external disc or flash drive as everything is lost once the computer reboots. A printer is available and the cost is .15 per page.

Please note: work cannot be saved to the Library computers. Please save your work to a disk, CD or flash drive device, as all will be gone when the computer reboots for the next user.

Younger patrons may use the computers if a parent or guardian is present and monitors their use. The Library doesn’t filter on-line content, and parents are responsible for monitoring their children’s computer use.

West Falmouth Library’s free wireless service

The West Falmouth Library is happy to provide this free wireless service. Users are agreeing to comply with our Internet Policy. Users should be aware that the Library does not have a systems staff, nor are library staff members available 24/7 to assist users with problems with their laptops, settings or connection problems, or to troubleshoot and maintain our hotspot controller.

Where can the wireless service be used?

The Library has a wi-fi access point called wflnet. It usually isn’t necessary to select our network to access it, just open a web browser, and your laptop should automatically connect to the access point with the strongest signal. If not, when your computer prompts you for a network, look for our wflnet in your network choices. During library hours, wireless users can find a comfortable seat and log on. Access to the wireless service is also available outside the Library 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Wireless access for laptops at West Falmouth Library

Can I print when using the wireless service?

Yes, printing is available to our public black and white printer Brother HL2040 W. There is a charge of .15 per copy and we ask that you limit printing to no more than 20 pages. If you have a large amount to print please talk to a staff member first.

What if I can’t get online when I am using my laptop at the library?

The library is unable to provide technical support for your laptop or mobile devices. Staff members will try to assist by providing information on the common problems users experience, but we can’t change settings on your laptop or resolve other technical problems.

Equipment available at West Falmouth Library


The library has a black and white copier available for public use. There is a charge of .15 per copy and we ask that you limit printing to no more than 25 pages.

Fax Machine

The library has a fax machine available for the public to send a fax. The cost is $1.00 per page to send or receive. A staff member will send the fax. The pages must be able to feed easily into the fax machine in preparation to fax them. So you may need to make a copy of your materials should they be wrinkled or smaller than 8.5″ x 11″.

Electric Typewriter

The library has an electric typewriter available for public use at no charge. Staff members will try to assist by providing information but we are not able to resolve technical problems.