Facility Rental


West Falmouth Library Building Use

Community Room with piano at the West Falmouth LibraryThe interior space and meeting rooms of the West Falmouth Library are primarily for the use of the Library and Library sponsored programs, events, and Library related organizations.
No use of meeting rooms will be allowed that is likely to disturb Library patrons in their customary use of Library facilities, impede Library staff in the performance of their duties, or endanger the Library building or collection.

When not required for use by the Library, meeting rooms will be available for use at no charge for town government, civic and educational organizations, as long as meetings, programs, or events scheduled by these sponsoring organizations are open and free of charge to the public.


West Falmouth Library Community Room fire place Meeting rooms are not available for the benefit of private individuals or for commercial purposes. No admission fee, registration fee, donation or monetary solicitation may be sought from meeting attendees unless the Library co-sponsors the program. Only fundraising events sponsored by the Library or co-sponsored with individuals or organizations affiliated with the Library are permitted.

When otherwise available, meeting rooms may be rented for private events such as meetings, receptions, parties, and student recitals. The Community Room on the Library’s main floor is not available for rental during hours of Library operation. The Board of Directors reserves the right to reject any Application for Building Use, if it is felt that to do so would be in the best interest of the Town of Falmouth or village of West Falmouth.


Rental Information

There are two meeting rooms in the Library, the Community Room on the main floor and the lower level Sunshine Activity Room. The maximum capacity of the Community Room is 80 people seated, 52 seated at tables. The maximum capacity of the Sunshine Room is 50 people. The applicant is responsible for ensuring that attendance does not exceed capacity. If interested in obtaining more information please contact the Library Director at 508-548-4709 or by email at wfal_mail@clamsnet.org.